I really wanted to try it out but everything smelled so old and moldy… holy fuck I was choking. There was actually mold falling off the lens caps of the lenses. once I opened those cool looking leather cases, a cloud of mold vapours flew out… 
I ended up wrapping a scarf around my mouth+nose so I wouldn’t inhale that shit. 
Washed + wiped down my desk + camera afterwards. 

Just quick snaps. 
Didn’t want to change the depth of field or I’d have to raise the ISO and it might get grainy… considering the lowlight I’m using.  


It came with 3 prime lenses. 

28mm f/3.5 - pretty damn wide from when I looked through the viewfinder.
135mm f/2.5 
50mm f/1.8 - lul it’s funny cuz I took it with my Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D  


Canon TLb 



The Canon EOS-1D X looks awesome, and has something I’ve wanted/predicted for a long time: less resolution (18 megapixels versus the 1Ds Mk III’s 21.)

There’s a couple of things that we consider when we think about [image quality]: number one on this sensor is noise. It’s clear the noise level is better than in the 1D Mk IV or the 1DS III. The pixel size is larger than in the 1DS III or 5D Mark II (6.95 microns, versus 6.4) and the difference is even more striking compared to the 5.7 micron pixels in the 1D Mark IV. That helps us in terms of light capturing ability and increases the signal to noise ratio. In turn, that does nothing but help the dynamic range of the camera.

The bigger the pixel, the more surface area it has to soak up light, which literally makes everything better. I’m glad Canon has bowed out of the megapixel race and shifted their marketing towards individual pixel size.

Other cool features: gigabit ethernet port, dual card slots, intraframe (editor-friendly) video compression, standard ISO up to 51,200 (!)


Pachelbel Canon - Sungha Jung and Trace Buddy 

Been listening to this kid for a while now. Amazing guitarist.